Devin Physique Looses Shredz Sponsor

Shredz CEO Arvin Lal dismisses Devin as a Sheredz Athlete


To summarize the video Arvin discussed his company and their goals within the fitness community. While also making a public statement about the waves of negative feed back Devin had been bringing the brand. His ultimate decision was to end professional ties with Devin effective on the day of the video post.

The deception goes a lot farther than manipulating a few images in photoshop.  Devin is accused of holding 30day challenges with fake winners.  To be entered into his challenge he asks that you pay for his meal and workout plan.  The winners in the end however are found to be fake.

Being that this trial is being held by the court of the internet Im not sure what financial repercussions Devin will receive, and what restitution his clients can expect.  I see Arvin's stance to cut ties on their business relationship is a positive one. 

People will always find a way to take advantage of others. The business of scamming people is one that has been around for generations. In the fitness world their is big business in the selling of suplements with an endless amount of people who want a quick solution to achieving their fitness goals. Instead of looking to the Internet or fitness icons, ask someone in your gym. More often than not they will tell you about the protein or pre workout they take, but at the root you will hear it takes time and hard work. 

  ( At this time their is no video, post, or statement from Devin in response to his dismissal)

 ( At this time their is no video, post, or statement from Devin in response to his dismissal)

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