Fitness Shoot with @lift_mor Part 1

Garrett Glover serves active duty with our United States Air Force, graduated with an MBA from Oklahoma State University, and is an NPC Bodybuilder who trains primarily on the central coast of California.

Garrett and I both trained at the same gym (Western Village Health Club) in Santa Maria. However it was through Instagram where we found our common interest for the sport of bodybuilding. After Garrett mentioned he would be competing in a Bodybuilding competition so we scheduled a time to shoot some pre competition photos.  We talked about having two photoshoots. The first would be thirty weeks out, and the second would be much closer to his show.  Its good to see the progress you've made as well as have photos to critique physique and areas you may want to build upon.

We met up early on a Sunday morning when the gym opened for the day.  It was quiet with only the regulars getting their morning workout sessions done.  I like an empty gym for photo shoots. All the equipment is readily available and there is less of a chance to distracting someones workout with my camera.  Garrett started out warming up with some cable movements before moving into the weight room for some free weight work.  Today was an accessory day so the workout consisted of a wide range of movements.  Afterward we headed into the spin cycle room for some pose practice.  Since he was so far out from his show the progress he would see in the weeks to come would be tremendous and having these picture to study and look back on would act as a motivator on the road toward the competition. 

The lighting in this gym was really great for our shoot.  I decided to only use my 35mm lens for the workout portion. My settings were ISO 800, f/2.8, and 1/125 of a sec.  The lighting is slightly brighter in the weight room so I compensated by increasing my shutter speed and left the rest of my settings the same.  Be sure and follow for Part 2 with Garretts transformation pics just days out from his show.

How about you? Heve you taken any gym photos? When did you take yours, and were you the model or the photographer? Let me know in the comment section. If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.