Exploring LA -cooling off in Santa Monica-

This week has been hot. Sweltering to put it mildly. So after work on a Wednesday we packed our things and headed for the beach.

the godmother

We were on the 405 south by 4:00pm and the temp for the day was over a hundred degrees. After managing through some normal traffic for that time of day we made our first pit stop at Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery for some cold cut sandoes. A friend had recommended this place and also suggested we order their godmother sandwich. Over the years I've come to trust a good source when it comes to trying a new food, and boy was I not disappointed. My sandwich came loaded with flavors all nestled between a sliced loaf of chibata bread. It is easily one of my top ten sandwich spots.

With our appetite well satisfied we headed for the beach. I was going on 8 weeks without the smell of the ocean air in my lungs. It was a trip long overdue. The weather was welcoming at a cool 78 degrees and slightly overcast. We made our way to the pier where we acted like tourists and observed all that is the Santa Monica Pier. There were people from all walks of life on this small stretch of sand ranging from vendors, musicians, and entertainers all looking to capitalize at the historic location.

Santa Monica deffinately felt like a very hip and trendy stretch of coastline. After all these years I am surprised that I hadn't taken the time to check it out. So for this midweek adventure I got to try a new sandwich, and marked another California beach off the list.

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