Wedding Photography

Weddings are quickly becoming our favorite events!  Each one so far has been fun and we take away so many sweet moments whether it is the cutest little flower girls, or tiny little ring bearers each one has left an impression on us.  Sometimes it is the fun-loving bride and groom whose positive energy radiates throughout the entire day, or the deep love and happy tears that the both bride and groom shed as they get a quick peak at their future husband/wife during the first looks. 


We get to be there as the happy couples begin their big day getting ready, relaxing with snacks, enjoying mimosas ( or tequila to each his own)!  Once the hair and make up is done the day seems to fly by and here is one of our favorite parts of the day.  When the bride finally gets into her dream gown just might be a moment that stops time or at least slows it down.  There is a glow and twinkle in her eye that is mirrored on her bridesmaids faces as they help her get her jewelry, shoes or accessories on and of course when the veil goes on!

Some of our couples have decided to go the traditional way and they don't see each other until the bride makes her way down the aisle, while others have done the the most recently trendy first looks.  Whichever they have chosen both offer excitement and tender emotional moments that we have had the privilege to capture.  The first looks have definitely allowed for some great photo ops while everything is still mellow and low key.  Bride and groom get to have some quality time together.  Grooms get to take in the allure of their brides and some of the photos with the bridal party and immediate family can be taken all before the ceremony even starts.  Once the ceremony is under way the clock seems to going twice as fast so the first look is definitely beneficial in that regard.

No matter which way you opt for making a shot list and having either a wedding coordinator or a point person to gather the family ( family member or maid of honor in some cases) will help ensure you get as many of those must have pictures you want!!  When you're planning a wedding the big day arrives before you know it, while it will undoubtedly go quickly, your photographer and videographer will be there to capture all of the special moments.