Photographing A Classic Car

 Photoshoot with a SoCal classic

America Classic


Down here in Van Nuys I've had the chance to meet a few people with a strong love for classic cars. The late hours they put into the restoration process , and thorough searches for original parts is what makes their cars passion projects.

I met the owner, TJ at his home in Van Nuys before he drove us over to the location for our shoot. The interior had a vintage smell to it like an antique pice of furniture.  Once we parked people started to take notice to what we were doing.  We were approached twice by strangers who wanted catch a closer look, know what the story behind that car was, did TJ travels to car shows, and if it was for sale. TJ told me this was all normal whenever he takes his car out, and that people really like older cars because you don't see them that often.

I began our shoot with my 85mm lens. I like this lens because it gives me the chance to study the cars lines from a distance. I took a few snap shots to dial in my settings and then we were off and running.  TJ parked his car at an angle with the sun off to the upper left (behind the car). It was a few hours before sunset and the light I had to work with was perfect.

Photographing this classic was a lot of fun. The people we met during the shoot seemed to be just as passionate as TJ. The challenging part of photographing someones car is capturing the vision that they have of their prized possession. 

Do you have a classic car?  Have you ever had photos or taken photos of your car? Do people stop to come up to you whenever your out with your ride? Let me know in the comment section. If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.