Hit A Creative Block?

How to re-ignite and become re-inspired. 

Industrial Railway

Industrial Railway

Many times over the years I have reached a creative block. This wall where I lack imagination and drive. Here are a few ways I combat this slump

  • Take a Hike 

It sounds rude but a little fresh air does a lot for the creative juices. Being in nature and alone with my thoughts helps clear my mind.   

  • Head to the Museum

Again following with the stepping away from my work. I like to take time to see some of the artwork from those who came before me. The Getty is a place I frequent often since it is close.  

  • Surf the Web 

Surfing the web is probably one of my go to ways of getting re inspired. Looking at my peirs work and even those who have a wildly different style from mine always jumpstart my mood for creating. 

  • Try Something Different 

Over the years I have worked with a wide range of artistic mediums. These range from pencils, water colors, markers, spray paint, video, and photography. All of them can be helpful in breaking out of a norm I might be settling into. It shakes things up and helps me to continue to learn and grow as an artist. 

How about you? Heve you hit a creative block? When do you do to get past it, and did you try anything other than what I do? Let me know in the comment section. If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.