How many photos do you send to your clients?


 -How many photos do you send your clients?- The short answer for me is all of them.I thought I would take some time over the next few posts talking about some of the questions I get as a photographer. When it comes to the editing and delivery process I decided early on that I wanted it to be simple. No packages, no minimum quantities, and no back and forth nonsense picking prints.I edit and deliver every image I capture (except for test shots and out of focus images) in a web format and a print format. I can understand some wanting to only send what they feel is their best work. However more often than not I've found people will like different images for different reasons. I also don't want to hold on to clients photos. My thought is they are your photos you paid for them so you get em all, and I save room on my hard drive😃. The term "do good work" is much more important when I hand everything over.

Engagement Session with Ili and Tavern

Early morning photo session at the Lake in Van Nuys CA,

I met up with these two early in the morning. We were scheduled for a 6:30am shoot however plans changed and we pushed things back to 8am.  Being a morning person this wasn't an inconvenience for me.  I would much rather have a couple be ready, and not feel rushed to get to a photo shoot with me.  I find things go a lot smoother when everyone is at ease.

Photographing these two was a lot of fun.  Both were very comfortable in front of the camera and made my job a whole lot easier.

For these photos I decided to use my 85mm for the entire shoot.  It required a lot of moving on my part to frame my shots but I am a huge fan of the images that this lens is able to capture.  The background just melts away and the couple is tack sharp at f/4.0

While on location this early there was very little background interference from the public.  This allowed us to move about the park in a way that allowed us to capture shots that would otherwise be filled with people.  Since I started photographing in southern California finding locations that give a private feel can be a challenge.  The most effective way I have found to photographing without a lot of people around is to schedule my photo shoots either early in the morning or late in the evening.

I also included another lets edit video where I take you through one of the black and white photos and show you my editing process from beginning to end.  Also If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.

Baby Announcement Photos

How to be creative with your baby announcement photos?


It's a boy!!! 

It's a boy!!! 

    A pregnancy is a very exciting time. Especially if it is your first baby. Nothing is more thrilling than finding out if you will be welcoming a boy or a girl into the world.

    Online you will find a million creative ways to announce your baby to your family, friends, and even the world. Here is one example of ours.  

    We were quick to tell our parents the good news. Taking them to breakfast, and then surprise!!! Your gonna be a grandparent!!! The phone calls to our siblings quickly followed after that. Then was the all important disclaimer that everyone keep quiet until we felt we were ready to tell our friends, and employers. 

    Deciding on a photo for our online announcement took a lot longer. I scrolled through Pinterest, and Google images for ideas. Ultimately I decided to keep it simple with a photo of some little shoes. Photos are great in the since that no one really knows the behind the scenes stuff involved in creating your image. So for the "we're expecting"  picture we headed to Kohls with a camera, and grabbed a few quick photos with some shoes on display.

We're expecting!!! 

We're expecting!!! 

   Durring this time it was too early to know the gender.  So for the editing direction I decided to go with black and white. I wanted a dramatic look so I masked a lot of the un appealing background with shadow and vignette. Focusing the eye on the shoes. I centered my image and converting the aspect ratio to a 16:9 for a cinematic crop.

    It was durring the 20th week when we got the news from the Dr. We again went through the who to tell list. Parents, siblings, friends and finally ending with a social network post.

   For that photo I already knew I would use the same image. I opened it up in Photoshop. Selected the area of the shoe that would have the color, added a new color fill layer, and layer masked out my selection so that it was visible only on the shoes. I then went into the layer blend mode and selected color. This brought out the texture of the canvas on the shoe, and made it look as if the shoes were naturally that color. Here is where the creativity becomes your own. You could easily go to converse website and see all of the colors they have available to get a spot on match or you can do like me and go with a shade you like. Blue was the color I was working with and I made adjustments to the hue and saturation until it was both visually appealing to me and got the final thumbs up from the mommy to be.

    How about you? Heve you taken any baby announcement photos? When did you take yours, and what was your inspiration? Let me know in the comment section. If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.  

Devin Physique's Message to Fans

When is using Photoshop ok? and when is it being deceptive?

    Today Devin came clean to his fans about altering his social media photos. In the video below he makes his apology and touches on allegations of scamming people.

Scamming and Photo altering aside the question remains. When is using photoshop acceptable? What is too much and what is commonly acceptable?  If you're photographing a person for fitness photos more often than not the photos don't end up looking the way you saw them. As a photographer I edit the image to display the way I saw it. Altering highlights, shadows, boosting colors, and adjusting contrast to fit my vision and style of editing.  I don't feel these things cross the line. When your making those adjustments you're manipulating data or information in the photo that was already there.  The subject and lighting play a huge roll in how much or how little you need to edit.

    Altering the physical appearance of a subject:

Here is the grey area. I feel that in the fitness community if you are advertising a product and in this ad you or the sponsor claim or imply the physique on display is a result of using those products then that is deception. Bringing in the love handles or increasing the size of your quads don't sell honest results. However I do think that if you are self promoting or using the images to inspire then it's really on your moral compass at that point. People need inspiration and those in the fitness community fluctuate their diets and have off days where a little trim and tuck here or their isn't that big of a deal to me.  There is also the argument on who is at fault for making alterations. The company paying the athlete for the photos and making the changes or the athlete making the changes on their own.  That's just my two cents.

    What do you think? Heve you altered any fitness photos?  How much photoshop is too much? Let me know in the comment section. If you are new to the blog, welcome! Be sure to head over to Facebook and add my photography page. Also you can follow me on Instagram links located above.