Fuddruckers Meal Review

Out with the family enjoying some burgers at Fuddruckers in Burbank CA

Sometimes a craving hits and you just need to fill it.  Today that craving was for a burger from Fuddruckers.  I had been there once before and ordered their bourbon burger.  The atmosphere of the place is really nice and it reminded me of "The Graduate" in San Luis Obispo.  The burger or chicken sandwich is served up on a bare bun.  It is over in the side bar where you add all the toppings and condiments yourself to dress your burger to your liking.  The toppings range from shredded lettuce, romain lettuce, tomato, red onion, white onion, tomato, salsa, pickles, and more.  While the condiments remain pretty standard with your mustards, ketchup, BBQ sauce, and mayonnaise.  The most important of all the condiments is their hot cheese sauce.  If you have not experienced the awesomeness that is a cheesy fry you need to add that to the list and then quickly check it off. It is really great for dipping your fries.

 I have to give the guys over there at Fuddruckers the thumbs up. They make one good burger and the place was clean. In the corner they have classic arcade games and they even have the new Coca-Cola machines where you use a touché screen to pick or create your own custom soda.


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Photo of the Day 003

Hitting the streets of San Fernando in the Chevy looking to do a little off-roading. 


When Tavern picked up this truck it wouldn't even run. But with some automotive knowledge and a little elbow grease he was able to breath some life into this once dead vehicle. For most this would be a family vehicle or some daily driver. Not the case for this Chevy. Now that he has the truck running it has remained  under construction toward becoming a beastly off-roading machine.

We hit the trails out on the back side of El Cariso park. The truck handled the steep hills and rocky terrain with no problems. Taverns years of off-roading expierence made running this track a breeze. Coming from the central coast where it's all about driving the dunes in Oceano this was a welcomed change.  I took this photo at ISO 400, f/4.0, and 1/800sec with my 50mm prime. I also positioned myself on a higher vantage point to photograph the truck, and crouched down to get a view from down under. My camera was set to a continuous focus to keep the grill sharp while moving. 

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