Food Photography

Taking photos of food at a restaurant:   

    Nothing snaps you back to reality faster than when your nephew asks, "why are you taking a picture of your food?" I tell you kids just don't understand.

Late Night Cubano from The Stand

Late Night Cubano from The Stand

When I started taking photos using a DSLR camera was completely foreign to me.  I figured the best way to learn outside of taking a class was to carry my camera with me everywhere I went.  I started taking photos of everything I could. Starting with landscapes before transitioning to street photography, and food.  I learned a lot about my camera shooting in restaurants.  After blocking out the looks when pulling out a camera I soon found that the biggest challenge will be the lighting.

Often the natural lighting casts a color tint on your photo.  I took is as a way to also learn how to edit that out of my image once I imported to Lightroom. Next was getting a sharp image without increasing my ISO too much due to the low light.  For this image I shot it with a 35mm f1.8 prime lens at ISO 1250.  The food at The Stand is amazing and needs no adjustment to look photogenic. It is delivered to your table photo ready and mouth watering good.  Do you take photos of your food with a camera other than your cellphone? Let me know on instagram. If your new, welcome, and be sure to follow me on instagram @ramon_campoamor