54: Family and Social Media

Sharing your lives on social media is and has been the latest thing to consume or time however with the opportunity for some to make social media and content creation a source of revenue I was curious what that looks like for families who put their lives up as the content. In todays podcast I talk about some of the things that some might not think about when deciding to embark on a career path of becoming an influencer or content creator. For those with kids I am not here to tell you how to parent but to provide an alternative thought on the topic.

53: Senior Portrait Session

It has been a little while since i’ve last picked up my camera and captured some images. I am happy to announce that I am back at it with the photography and in todays episode I am sharing a little about my first photo session after a long break. For my parents out there when you have a new born you already know that your time is now consumed with caring for your little one. The late nights, early mornings, bottle feedings, and bottle cleanings. Well after a year my wife and I are beginning to find our rhythm once again. This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to capture some senior portraits. I have only done a few other photo sessions like this before but like riding a bike it was a smooth transition into the regular work flow. The day was overcast and for those who know me an overcast day is a close second to capturing photos during the sunset. As I was capturing the images the thoughts of my children one day being seniors in high school filled my mind and the thoughts of what that will be like. Who will they grow up to become and what will they desire out of this life.

50: The Importance Of Communication

Drifting apart after years of marriage is never a good thing to find yourself going through. Sometimes a lack of communication of the years can be a root cause of the distance that has grown over the years. In todays episode i share a little of my thoughts on the matter as well as some of the things my wife and i currently do to keep the lines oc communication open and healthy.

48: Pre School Update

It has been a couple weeks now since my son has been enrolled in preschool. Given the time that has passed I’ve received questions from other parents about how the experience has been. In today’s episode I share a little bit of what it’s been like from both my wife, and I. Also I share our son has been learning, and how his experience has been as a preschooler.

46: Vaccinating Our Children

With the swell of anti-vaxers on the rise throughout social media I decided to dedicate todays episode on the topic. Ill share a little on the reasons why my wife and I decided to have our children vaccinated as well as provide you guys with a link to an educational video that inspired this episode.

The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBkVCpbNnkU&t=19s

45: Talking Games and Sports w/guest Chris

 Today we are back with guest Chris. We’re talking about games, teaching your kids about losing, and how to process losing. It can be difficult as a parent to try to convey what it means to lose at a game. Taking the time to help our children through these moments and help develop them as they grow into adulthood is a very important lesson. 

44: Teaching Your Kids How To Handle Loosing A Game

Playing games and teaching the lessons of being a good sport while winning as well as processing how to take a loss is something all parents teach their children. In todays episode I share my experience teaching my son as well as two other dads take on how they play games with their kids.

40: Co-Parenting

Parenting can be hard if you aren’t not on the same page with your partner. In today’s episode I share a little of my thoughts on co parenting and the importance of communication. Thank you guys for listening to these podcasts. Don’t forget to leave a like/5star rating and subscribe.