34: A Handmaid's Tale Season 3 ep1

Lets talk about the new season of A Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. This episode hit me so hard in the feels. My wife and I were really emotional with this one. In todays podcast I don’t really review the episode but rather take time to talk about how it made me feel and what my thoughts were. If you guys want to join in on the conversation check out the comment section on youtube and leave your message there.

33: Learn To Break Up

We all know those people who break up one day and then get back together the next. Im not here to throw anyone under the bus but I did think it would be an interesting subject to talk about on todays podcast. Dating in our school years prepares us for dating as adults. So as a parent it begs the question when do we allow our kids to start dating? Do we even need to "allow" them to start dating or do we let them make that decision on their own? All this and more on todays podcast.

32: My Son Told Me He Had A Nightmare

Today marks the first time my son has actually expressed to me he had a nightmare. Most nights he has woke up crying we would assume it was because of a bad dream but we also have to run through the check list of what else it could be. He wouldn’t express what was bothering him in the past and that was a big reason for checking his temp, his bedsheets, an anything else it might be. So to hear him tell me he had a bad dream was first off sad, but second kind of a relief because now I had a footing to stand on when helping him through his feelings.

31: Kids Will Test Your Gangster

One of the things I don’t think is (or at least it wasn’t for me) told before you become a parent is how often your children will test your patience. Keeping your cool as a parent can be one of the hardest things to do when you have sleepless nights, long days, and are in public. All contribute to the perfect storm that tears down your composure and can cause you to raise your voice. In todays podcast I talk about how I lost my cool with our son and how my wife checked me on it. Taking the time to step away and re group was what I needed. I understand it may not be something every one has the luxury of doing it is vital to ensuring you are the calm parent/leader your child needs. Thank you guys for the continued support of the podcast. If you’r new to the show be sure to hit that sub button and leave a 5 star if you’r listening on iTunes.

30: Do We Nest As Fathers?

Nesting is commonly coupled with expecting mothers. However in a conversation with a co-worker today we came to the conclusion that we as fathers do a little bit of nesting ourselves. It might not be in the same ways but in preparing for the arrival of our children we nest too. Thank you guys for supporting the podcast. Be sure to hit the subscribe button and leave a review.

29: What Best Suits Your Kids As They Build Their Credit?

Building credit is something we all have to experience as we transition from young adult to adulthood. In a DM with @tricia.snaps.fit.pix she shared how her son is looking to build his credit. As parents we often want to tell our children what to do. With years of experience its had not to. However Patricia put it best when she said that rather than telling him what to do she was instead looking for a path that would best suit him.

28: HBO Chernobyl ep.1 Review

If you have not yet had the chance to see this show I highly encourage you to stop what your doing and watch it. This show had me hooked within the first 10 minutes. The fact that this dramatic documentary style of show surrounds a very true and horrific event makes it all the more interesting. In todays episode I share a little bit about my first impressions of the show Chernobyl on HBO. Thank you guys for your continued support of the podcast. Also we are now on Patreon for those of you who would like to support the show further.

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24: Glen Mills School

What do you do as a parent when your kids are mistreated by school faculty. In the case of Glen Mills School things got to the point where the law had to step in and all students were removed from the campus. With a secret history of physically abusing students its a wonder how this schools culture went without repercussion for so long. My wife and I often have hypothetical conversations about how we would handle things if our children were in the same situation. However with our kids too young for school I really want to pass the question off and hear what you guys think. Have you been in this situation as a parent? Do you know someone whose gone through this? How did you or they approach things?

20: My Son Feels Like He Got Lost

Fear can creep in at a young age for out children and in todays episode I talk about how my son felt he was lost when he woke up to what seemed to be an empty house. When I put my son to bed the other night I went into the garage to gets some work done. Little did I notice that he had got up and out of bed only to find himself in an “empty” house. When I came in he looked at me a little scared and told me he got lost. He was referencing a book we’ve read at night about a puppy who gets lost in a grocery store.

19: Ending The Photography Podcast

Today Im announcing the end of my photography podcast. Well not so much an end but more of a re branding. I have been thinking about what my intentions were for this podcast for a few months now and came to the realization that though I love capturing images I don’t really love talking about cameras or photography. So I decided to talk about something that I am passionate about on this podcast. That something is parenthood and being a father. I have envisioned being a parent for as long as I can remember and now that I am its something I talk about often in my day to day. I am also looking at this as a catalog of experiences that my children can ( if they want to) look back on and hear my thoughts or words of advice. As we get older we sometimes forget what it was like raising our little ones so when our children one day become parents I think it would be great to not only be able to help but to also have something like this that documents my learning/journey as its happening. So thank you for those who have supported the podcast. If hearing about parenthood interests you stick around.