53: Senior Portrait Session

It has been a little while since i’ve last picked up my camera and captured some images. I am happy to announce that I am back at it with the photography and in todays episode I am sharing a little about my first photo session after a long break. For my parents out there when you have a new born you already know that your time is now consumed with caring for your little one. The late nights, early mornings, bottle feedings, and bottle cleanings. Well after a year my wife and I are beginning to find our rhythm once again. This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to capture some senior portraits. I have only done a few other photo sessions like this before but like riding a bike it was a smooth transition into the regular work flow. The day was overcast and for those who know me an overcast day is a close second to capturing photos during the sunset. As I was capturing the images the thoughts of my children one day being seniors in high school filled my mind and the thoughts of what that will be like. Who will they grow up to become and what will they desire out of this life.