26: Guest Justin Groth On Lifting With Bad Form

Lifting with bad form can get you a one way ticket to snap city. In todays episode returning guest Justin Groth to give his take on poor lifting habits. Lifting healthy and safe should be the goal of every athlete but sometimes ego can cloud our judgment for the worst.

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25: Fitness & Modeling w/ LadyZGainZ

In todays podcast I got to speak with fitness enthusiasts and model @LadyZGainZ We talked about her beginnings in the fitness world as well as starting out in her modeling. Now this is a throwback podcast episode recorded months ago. It had been sitting in my export folder when I came across this hidden gem. Lady Z Gainz is a beast in the gym and that has transitioned to a confidence when posing in front of the camera.

24: Dealing With A Bad Workout In The Gym

Dealing with a bad day at the gym can be one of the hardest things. In today’s podcast I talk a little bit about how I got through a bad workout session in the gym.  I feel that it’s important to at least go through the motions even if you don’t complete your work out as intended. You can do things like lift that half a percentage of the weight you had planned on doing or tune out and get some cardio in. I feel that workout is better than no work out at all. 

23: IIFYM w/Guest Justin Groth

 In today’s podcast we sit down with returning guest Justin Groth to talk about if it fits your macros and answer Instagram follower questions.  If it fits your macros is among many weight loss trends that are out there and are being heavily promoted by influencers on social media. Justin provides us with his perspective as a personal trainer, a bodybuilder, and someone who has extensive experience with weight loss and muscle gain.  Does the dieting trend if it fits your macros really work or is it hogwash? Find out by listening to today’s episode.  As always be sure to follow myself on Instagram as well as Justin, and feel free to send either of us any questions in the DM‘s or topic suggestions that you might want to have a future podcasting episode on. 

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22: Leg Day Season 2 Update

Today’s podcast is a leg day update. I’ve incorporated some new movements in my leg day workouts, and with these changes there’s been some progression as well as some things that I will not be continuing to do in my work out. Thank you guys again for following/ listening to the podcast.Feel free to follow me on my Instagram account @ramoncampoamor where you can slide in the DM‘s. You guys can send me any topic suggestions or questions that you might have. If you’re listening to me on iTunes, stitcher, or any other site where you consume podcasts feel free to leave me a like, comment, thumb, star, or whatever the rating system is, and I’ll catch you guys in the next episode.

18: Justin Groth Fitness Extraordinaire

Recently I had the oportunity to sit down and talk with Justin Groth of Fitness Extraordinaire.  He is a personal trainer, bodybuilder, motivator, business owner, and all around bad a$$.  In todays podcast we take some time to catch up and get to know more about Justin. He shares his beginnings in the world of body building as well as diving head first into the world of competitive natural bodybuilding.  You can find Justin on his Instagram where he posts inspirational/motivating stories.

17: Is CrossFit For You?

In todays podcast i share a little bit about my experience with CrossFit. After a recent invite by a coworker to a local CrossFit box it reminded me of the positive experiences I had while living in southern California and training at a CrossFit box out there for the first time. I also give a little update after a short musical break to talk about my back and bicep progress so be sure to stay till the end to catch that.

16: Why Meal Prep Is So Important

Winning the battles in the gym but loosing the war in the kitchen? Why is meal prep so important? Today I have Russ and Dave from Griffin fitness returning to share some of their knowledge about why meal prep is so important when it comes to weight loss. As always be sure to check them out on their IG and give them a follow for more inspirational posts and motivation.

15: Wireless Or Wired Headphones?

Wireless or wired headphones for the gym? What do you use when working out? Well I recently purchased a new pair of wireless headphones and in todays podcast I talk a little bit about some of the things i was looking at before making my purchase.  If you havent already be sure to check me out on my instagram @ramon_campoamor and if you liked this episode be sure to give it a thumbs up, star, like, share, or whatever the curent system allows.

14: Intermittent Fasting w/guest Tyson Brown

In todays podcast I have Tyson Brown on the show introducing himself and talking about intermittent fasting.  Tyson is a fasting expert, online fat loss coach, podcast host, coffee addict and author.  Check out his instagram @tysonthetrainerr where you will find more about him as well as links to his online training and podcast.

13: Fitness Update

In todays Podcast I talk a little about my current programing for shoulders as well as incorperate a few new changes to the podcast. One of these changes is the adition of music. Im not sure if listening to me talking for 30 minutes straight without a guest is the most entertaining thing so I decided to add two songs to the podcast. These songs fit my vibe and are the type of music that I add to my Instagram videos. Be sure to check out each of these songs and follow me on my IG @ramon_campoamor.