dad life

47: Recording In The Car

Today I take the podcast on the road (literally) with an in car podcast. I have tried time after time to get a podcast I can be happy with while in the car but road noise among other things have always held me back. As I continue to learn how to edit and what will ultimately be acceptable in my book I will keep trying.

28: Training and Broken Sleep

Living the dad life and once again on that broken sleep schedule. In todays episode I take the podcast outdoors with my oldest son as I talk a little about my training and lack of sleep with a newborn in the house. As always thank you guys for listening and providing positive feedback. Maintaining the energy for the gym without cheating my family out of the energy they deserve from me can be hard. With our newborn my wife and I are once again going through those sleepless nights. A few of my workouts have suffered due to this but for the most part as each day passes I find that my body is adapting. I could not imagine nor would i recommend maintaining this type of schedule long term but for the most part it isn’t as tough as I had thought it would be during those first few weeks.

13: Fitness Update

In todays Podcast I talk a little about my current programing for shoulders as well as incorperate a few new changes to the podcast. One of these changes is the adition of music. Im not sure if listening to me talking for 30 minutes straight without a guest is the most entertaining thing so I decided to add two songs to the podcast. These songs fit my vibe and are the type of music that I add to my Instagram videos. Be sure to check out each of these songs and follow me on my IG @ramon_campoamor.