80: Filming My First Wedding

On the phone today talking with @slanted.glasses as we go over the game plan for a wedding I booked for this weekend. As a newbie to wedding videography I wanted to have someone who does this on a more full time basis. I am very comfortable behind the camera when capturing photos and am excited to see how things will play out as I capture video.

78: Cardio with @slanted.glasses

Morning cardio session with @slanted.glasses asking a fellow creator about his wedding videography. I have a wedding booked in a few days that will be one of the few weddings I will not be photographing but I will instead be filming. Not wanting to step into any job unprepared I caught up with my friend to ask for a few tips he might have for me. After that I met with Chris for some back and bicep work. He’s been showing up later and later each day. We will see how much of this gym life the man can maintain.

53: Peloton

What is up you guys today we are talking about the fitness company Peloton. They sell a spin cycle and a treadmill as well as a fitness app if you don’t want to spend the money or have a cycle or tree of your own. So who is this device for, is it worth the money, and what do we think about it?

47: Recording In The Car

Today I take the podcast on the road (literally) with an in car podcast. I have tried time after time to get a podcast I can be happy with while in the car but road noise among other things have always held me back. As I continue to learn how to edit and what will ultimately be acceptable in my book I will keep trying.

46: w/guest Jesse a Salon Owner & Stylist


Longest episode to date I think. Today we have guest Jesse on the podcast. He is a salon owner and well as hair stylist. In this episode Jesse shares his knowledge of the biz, we touch on social media, and at one point forget were even recording a podcast as the conversation continues. A huge thank you to those who continue to support the podcast as I grow into finding my voice on this platform. What started out as a primarily fitness themed show is now evolving into something I am really excited about. Be sure to check out Jesse as well as Blur Hair Studios on Instagram.

40: 4 Reasons You Need A Personal Trainer

You might be interested in getting into shape or back into the gym after a long break. As a first timer the gym can feel like a daunting experience with all of the equipment and people who look like they know what they are doing. All of these things can make it hard to get back into the swing of things or even to get started as a newbie. In todays podcast I go over a few reasons why you might be a prime candidate for a personal trainer even if you feel you don’t fit the bill. As always thank you guys for your continued support of the podcast. There will be more content being uploaded in the next coming weeks. I am currently looking to release three podcasts a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays so be sure to subscribe.

31: @machocamacho_fitness Workout Routine

Back again on the podcast we have Macho Camacho Fitness. Fitness enthusiasts, motivator, and cancer survivor Mr Camacho shares on this podcast his current workout routine.

29: On with Cancer Survivor @machocamacho_fitness

macho camachoPodcast Instagram Template 2.jpg

 Fitness enthusiasts, personal trainer, and a cancer survivor. It is awesome how through our lives we cross paths with inspirational people. I am happy to be a small part in sharing@machocamacho_fitness story with you guys. Through faith, family, and medicine he overcame. I encourage you to check out @machocamacho_fitness an subscribe to the podcast.

14: Intermittent Fasting w/guest Tyson Brown

In todays podcast I have Tyson Brown on the show introducing himself and talking about intermittent fasting.  Tyson is a fasting expert, online fat loss coach, podcast host, coffee addict and author.  Check out his instagram @tysonthetrainerr where you will find more about him as well as links to his online training and podcast.