76: In the Gym w/ Chris

Shoulder day in the gym with Chris. In todays podcast we are trying out a new approach to the episodes. Its my idea to be able to record podcasts out in the world where conversations can be more candid. While working out it is one of the times I have some of the more candid conversations with people. So it is fitting that this is where I test this approach. Like all new things there are a few bugs with this episode. The major bug that stands out right away is Chris has now mic audio. Enjoy.

73: Diablo 3 power leveling w/Chris

It has been a hot minute since i’ve last played Diablo 3 and boy was I out of my element. Fortunately Chris is a veteran of the game and power leveled me this morning from level 12 to paragon 83 in just under an hour. I dusted off my keyboard and got back into the grove of playing as a monk class. In todays episode you will catch the audio from out livestream session. Its a new edition to the format but hey my podcast my rules. Enjoy.

71: A Handmaid's Tale S3 Ep1

Lets talk about the new season of A Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. This episode hit me so hard in the feels. My wife and I were really emotional with this one. In todays podcast I don’t really review the episode but rather take time to talk about how it made me feel and what my thoughts were. If you guys want to join in on the conversation check out the comment section on youtube and leave your message there.

68: HBO Chernobyl ep.4 review

Episode four is out and spoiler warning for those of you who have not seen the episode yet. This one hit me in the feels in more ways than one. Today we talk about that as well as what this episode had to share about the tragic events of the disaster in Chernobyl. Thank you guys as always for the continued support of the podcast. If you would like to support the podcast in other ways we are now on Patreon link is down below.

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62: Saying Goodbye To Social Media

Recently I’ve watches a few popular youtubers share their move towards removing social media apps from their phones. It’s not a total goodbye to social media but it a huge step in putting the phone down and being more present. Some limit their social media time to desktops and even tablets. I have had success in just setting light boundaries on myself. For example when I get home from work my phone is put down and lending my full attention to my family. Websites like reddit and YouTube are still big for me but are now limited to the last hours of the day when the kids are asleep. I haven’t misses sites like Instagram or Facebook much with the exception of an occasional post I don’t spend as much time consuming that content. It’s been nice to take a step back but where do you stand with social media. Do you feel it’s time for a break. Start small with things like no phones at the dinner table or even removing one app you done use as much.